Sunday, November 7, 2010


What a week! I had a cold for most of it, though it seems to be getting better now. I was fortunate to be invited to visit Gehl Architects, where my friends Mary and Jenny are interning this fall. Once a month they gather to present current projects, and discuss themes within their work. Very interesting!

This weekend I hung out with Jenny, shopping, and exploring. The weather is now cold and crisp, and has been extremely beautiful. Friday was the famous city-wide Juløl release, where all the young people drink themselves silly on Christmas beers. On Sunday we went out to the Dyrehaven, which used to be the Royal hunting grounds. It is full of deer and elk, and is absolutely gorgeous right now. They were reenacting an old hunting story this weekend, so there were men with costumes and bugles. I hear there was even a 'fox' (man in costume) but we didn't see him!

In Klampenborg, next to the park there is also a small seaside town with a tiny beach and the Bellavista housing designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1934, as well as a theater in 1935.

Oh yeah, and this little guy has been staying with us for a few days. His name is Perro.


  1. Wow! Does the Julol coincide directly with the hunting reenactment?

  2. not a direct relationship, but it's definitely the beginning of holiday season around here...juløl, christmas lunches, and lots of festivities.

  3. No snow yet?!
    I'd be happy to send you some...

  4. No snow! I really want to see some before I leave in a week...could you send me some from Finland? You can keep the darkness though, we have enough of that here.